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Role: Game Designer

Engine: Crystal Engine

Studio: Crystal Dynamics

Team Size: 150+


Tomb Raider was a tough project to work on but I am stoked on how well it turned out.  The project was challenging not only because it was behind schedule when I started, but also because it combined three very different gameplay elements: combat, puzzles and traversal.

I started off as a level designer, working in large level teams to quickly flush out level layouts, combat / gameplay scripting, streaming, collision and optimizations for seven shipped levels. As development got heated I took on systems responsibilities, creating a wolf AI character and then leading a cross discipline strike team to fix stealth mechanics and stealth levels for game wide consistency.  Below are the best examples of my work from this game.

Game Mechanics

Wolf Design

Stealth Design

Mountain Rendezvous

Solari Fortress

Level Design

Tomb Raider

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