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Mountain Rendezvous

Mountain Rendezvous was one of the biggest combat levels in the game. It was very challenging to upkeep because our combat mechanics kept changing and every time they changed, I had to go in and make adjustments to distance between cover, cover point types, AI jump distances and myriad other small combat details. It was also the first time implementing a modular piece construction set on the project. In the end it turned out well and was used as one of the game’s demo levels for press.


  • Developed the layout of the level and the gameplay elements via paper design

  • Developed a modular piece set with an artist and using that set to layout the level

  • Iterated on the layout to find the fun

  • Scripted combat and stealth encounters

  • Set up streaming, portals and occlusion

  • Maintained level to accommodate mechanics changes

Gameplay Video Part 1

Gameplay Video Part 2

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