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Solari Fortress

Solari Fortress was a fun level to work on because it was in a Japanese Castle that was burning down around the player. I got to do a lot of fun level paths on rooftops and setup lots of performance moments of AI catching on fire and dying in spectacular ways. Some of the better moments of the level got included in commercials for the game. We were deep in crunch when the level was made, so I made the first half of the level while another designer did the second half to save time.


  • Developed the layout of the level and the gameplay elements via paper design

  • Developed a modular piece set with an artist and using that set to layout the level

  • Iterated on the layout to find the fun

  • Scripted combat encounters & scripted performance moments

  • Set up streaming, portals and occlusion

  • Maintained level to accommodate mechanics changes

  • Guided level through bug fixing

Gameplay Video

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