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The Bourne Conspiracy

Role: Level Design, Hand to Hand Combat Mechanics Design, Demo Pilot

Engine: Unreal Engine

Studio: High Moon Studios

Team Size: 175

The Bourne Conspiracy took three years to develop. Halfway through development, the game switched from stealth to an action format. I joined the team right at the switch and spent the next year and a half converting stealth levels into action levels. Towards the end of the project, I was put in charge of the hand to hand combat mechanics design and guided it through the polish phase.

I also traveled on PR trips to Europe and parts of southern California to demo the game for press and Vivendi corporate leadership. I also represented the game at functions like the MLGS tournament in San Diego and the US Open of Surfing. Click the links below to view my level design and mechanics contribution to the Bourne Conspiracy.

Level Design

Shipyard Infiltration

Disarm Renard

Paris Apartment

Game Mechanics

Melee Combat Design

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