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Shipyard Infiltration

Marseille Docks was the first level I worked on upon joining High Moon Studios.  I was one of three designers who worked on the level, with each of us working on a different section. However, due to bug fixing, by the end of the project I had my hands on almost every shootout and vignette in the level.  


  • Scripted AI on patrol routes and playing animations via kismet.

  • Scripted AI combat movement behaviors via kismet.

  • Created vignettes of skeletal mesh actor cops chasing and having shootouts with enemy guards controlled via matinee and kismet.

  • Created vignettes of skeletal mesh actor enemy patrol boats zooming around and dropping off AI enemy guards via matinee and kismet.

  • Lined up skeletal mesh actor attachments on characters for vignettes, like cigarettes being smoked by the first two guards in the level, via kismet.

  • Created different destructible prefabs with prop artists and set them up to be used for takedowns.

  • Scripted timing and placement of VO lines and objective markers.

  • Placed pickups and interacts.

  • Edited the AI nav mesh in 3D Studio Max and importing it into Unreal.

  • Coverlink placement for the whole level.

  • Fixed collision issues where players get stuck with blocking volumes.

Gameplay Video Part 1

Gameplay Video Part 2

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