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Paris Apartment

The Apartment Level was the first level I brought from the concept to completion.  Although short, the level plays out one of the most famous fights in the Bourne franchise. 


  • Worked with a level artist to match the look and feel of the game space to the scene from the Bourne movie.

  • Worked with prop artists to create unique destructibles and setup them up to work with takedowns. For example, the red bag takedown where Bourne slams Castel's head into the desk and all the money flies up into the air.

  • Worked with an animator to create vignette animations for Marie standing in the doorway.

  • Created a vignette of Marie standing in the doorway, opening and closing the door based on how far away the player is from her, via matinee and kismet.

  • Created vignette of birds flying past the window, via matinee and kismet.

  • Setup level streaming and checkpoints.

Gameplay Video

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