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Battlefield: Hardline

Role: Senior Designer, Demo Pilot

Engine: Frostbite

Studio: Visceral

Team Size: 200+

Because of my experience on Tomb Raider, I was asked to join Hardline with a year left in development to fix their stealth and combat single player gameplay mechanics.  That also included creating a new combat scripting system and leading the charge on level design best practices for combat and stealth setups.  


The experience was essentially a year long crunch, but it was super rewarding to take the mechanics from poor to great play test results.  It was also cool to see the stealth system I helped create used as the base for Battlefield One.


  • Developed, managed and enforced a player choice driven gameplay philosophy for the campaign

  • Worked with animation, programming and sound design to refine stealth gameplay and combat mechanics

  • Created a combat scripting tool and an AI companion system with engineering, made ‘what good looks like’ examples, and communicated their uses to the design team

  • Demo pilot for GamesCon

All of the work I did culminated in the GamesCon demo in the Trailer Park level for the single player campaign that shows how all the mechanic and level design work can come together for one experience:

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