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Visceral Star Wars Action Adventure Game - Cancelled

Role: Lead Gameplay Designer

Engine: Frostbite

Studio: Visceral Games

Team Size: 150+

Visceral closing and the Star Wars project, code named Ragtag, getting cancelled was a hard blow to take.  I was the tenth person to join the team and went on the long complicated journey of staffing up to almost 200 people.  After working on the game for 2.5 years, my responsibilities included:

  • Developed and managed a game mechanics vision on a 30-person team across two studios

  • Worked with producers and game leadership to create a production plan

  • Reviewed, approved and guided the following gameplay systems through production:

    • Enemy AI, companion AI, melee takedowns, general shooting, weapons, gadgets, player traversal, gameplay cameras and player cover

  • Identified and resolved workflow issues with cross functional partners

  • Presented gameplay updates to executives

  • Participated in the hiring of the Visceral and Motive design teams

Working on the game I found myself loving to work on the low level feel of the game.  Dialing in that second to second gameplay feel while working with level pods to make sure it all comes together for a rad experience is something I will never get enough of. 


The only released footage of the game is the 15 second video above, but i can talk in great detail about my contributions to the title.

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