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Unnamed Sequel - Canceled

Role: Hand to Hand Combat Mechanics Designer

Engine: Unreal Engine

Studio: High Moon Studios

Team Size: 85

Working on a team of programmers, animators, sound designers, cinematic designers and a producer, I guided the creation of six hand to hand combat mechanics: player initiated counter attack, AI initiated counter attack, player initiated stun attack, player four hit combos, AI single opponent grapple attack and AI multi opponent grapple attack. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled after the Vivendi Activision merger.


  • Formulated hand to hand combat mechanics design through analyzing current hand to hand combat games and brainstorming to determine a mechanics depth adding feature list

  • Coordinated with lead designer to filter depth adding feature list and determine priority for said features

  • Directed and worked with cinematic designers on developing pre-visualizations of the features, including camera strategy, timing and the use of post process effects

  • Assisted in directing a mo-cap shoot to ensure we hit all the shots we needed for the feature list

  • Directed and worked with programmers to create the systems to implement the features

  • Directed and coordinated with animators to create a request list for animations needed to full fill the feature requirements and the implementation of those animations in the systems created by the programmers

  • Directed and worked with audio designers to get timely and awesome sound effects for the features

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