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Aerial Assault

I am very proud of Aerial assault as I brought it from top down graph paper design to block out and guided it through to full completion. The challenge of limitless level design solutions in an outer space science fiction environment was overwhelming at first, but once embraced, it was the most fun level design exercise I have experienced.

The level was named one of the top ten gaming moments of 2010 by Stephen Totilo and Mike

Fahey of Kotaku (see gameplay video part 6 after the turret fight):

"I must [put this on the list] to reminisce about battling Trypticon, one of the ultimate Transformers bad guys, in outer-space, while plummeting toward the surface of the Transformers' home planet of Cyberton."

"Flying out of the transforming maw of this monstrous beast was a moment that gave Transformers fans everywhere happy little shivers."


  • Developed the layout of the level and the gameplay elements via paper design

  • Laid out the level in BSP and modular static meshes

  • Blocked in firefights and major events via kismet and matinee

  • Iterated level design while in BSP form to find the fun

  • Directed and coordinated with concept artists and level artists on the look and feel of level sections before the art pass takes place

  • Directed and worked with the level artists during art passes on the level to maintane the integrity of the gameplay space

  • Directed cinematic deisgners as to where and how vignette actors should behave after areas had undergone an initial art pass

  • Directed and worked with the technical designer on boss encounter gameplay patterns, streaming states and memory usage

  • Directed and worked with an audio designer as to when sections of the level were ready for an audio pass, VO implementation and the soundscape plan

  • Directed and coordinated with prop and character animators on animation requests, the delivery of those requests and the implementation of the requests

  • Worked with the studio writer on dialogue requests and story element implementation

  • Guided the level through polish and bug fixing

Gameplay Video Part 1

Gameplay Video Part 2

Gameplay Video Part 3

Gameplay Video Part 4

Gameplay Video Part 5

Gameplay Video Part 6

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