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Defend Iacon

Defend Iacon is a level where I learned many lessons. Most importantly, I learned that being able to articulate the gameplay purpose of a space brings your team together behind a vision everyone can believe in. Secondly, I learned that scaling up buildings and other elements in a environment can make your level feel epic where it once felt blasé.


  • Developed the layout of the level and the gameplay elements via paper design

  • Laid out the level out in BSP and modular static meshes

  • Blocked in firefights and major events via kismet and matinee

  • Iterated level design while in BSP form to find the fun

  • Directed and coordinated with concept artists and level artists on the look and feel of level sections before the art pass takes place

  • Directed and coordinated with the level artists during art passes on the level and ensuring the integrity of the gameplay space

  • Directed cinematics designer as to where and how vignette actors should behave after areas had undergone an initial art pass

  • Directed and worked with the technical designer on complex encounters, streaming states, memory usage and a whole lot more

  • Directed and worked with an audio designer as to when sections of the level were ready for an audio pass, VO implementation and the soundscape plan

  • Directed and coordinated with prop and character animators on animation requests and the delivery of those requests

Gameplay Video Part 1

Gameplay Video Part 2

Gameplay Video Part 3

Gameplay Video Part 4

Gameplay Video Part 5

Gameplay Video Part 6

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